Terms of Sale

Unless otherwise noted, the following terms and conditions are applicable to all purchase orders accepted by Electroservo Inc. A confirmed purchase order establishes not only the technical specifications of the sale, but also that it is bound to these terms.

1) Item(s) are non-cancelable, non-returnable, upon receipt of confirming order.

2) Prices quoted are in US Dollars. Shipping charges and applicable customs duties or fees are not included in quotes but charged to the customer in a separate bill. The delivery date is the date the goods will ship out from an Electroservo facility. Shipments are made via UPS or FedEx at the most economical level of insured shipping, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. The customer must provide the account number they have on file for these carriers. If the customer elects to use a shipper other than UPS or FedEx, they must provide the necessary information on their purchase order. Electroservo cannot provide absolute proof of delivery without a signature. If the customer does not want us to require a signature, “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED” must be printed on their purchase order and we will not be financially liable for any lost shipment. If the customer does not want us to insure their shipment, “DO NOT INSURE” must be printed on their purchase order and we will not be financially liable for the cost of the merchandise beyond the default amount of insurance provided by the carrier. Once the order is ready to be shipped out, Electroservo will provide the customer with a tracking number.

3) Payments can be made by cheque, credit card, wire transfer or ACH/EFT. First time customers must pay in full before an order can be fulfilled. Invoices are emailed to the customer once a purchase order has been confirmed, and is due within 30 days of the invoice date with 2% interest per month on all overdue amounts. Invoices not paid within our credit terms may result in the withholding of shipments and/or the cancellation of outstanding orders until past due amounts are paid. Electroservo is not responsible for any fees the customer’s issuing or intermediary bank may charge in a wire, ACH or EFT transaction. Credit card orders will incur a 4% processing fee added to the total quote amount. A company representative will contact you for a secure initial credit card set up.

4) Electroservo is pleased to provide a 1 year parts and labour warranty on all products. When returning products for repair under warranty, customers must clearly state on all shipping documents “NOT FOR SALE, RETURN FOR REPAIR UNDER WARRANTY” and include the original purchase order number. Items must include a reason for repair to justify a context for diagnosis. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs, handling and applicable duties associated with repair and return items.