About Us

Who We Are

RoboReels is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of retractable robot teach pendant cable reels, located in Ontario, Canada. Its origins began when a group of dedicated experts specializing in industrial robot repair and PM wanted to provide an alternative to its existing teach pendant repair service. RoboReels was born.

Why RoboReels?

RoboReels offers customers the most varied and high-quality selection of reels for their cable management needs, at a fraction of the cost of competitors. As a result, the “retractable robot teach pendant cable reel” has been synonymous with the “RoboReels” brandname.

Our Vision

As the pioneers of the retractable robot teach pendant cable reel, our vision is simply to help facilities using robots reduce the hefty costs associated with teach pendant repairs, while promoting safety and efficiency in the workplace. We hope to see in the future that every factory, production line, and robot cell (no matter how big or small) is using RoboReels cable reels.